Tinda (टिण्डा)

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About Tinda

Tinda Gourds are now and then alluded to as a squash, however they are basically a gourd. They look to some degree like smoothed green apple. They are concerning the extent of a substantial apple, and weigh around 2 oz (50g.) The gourd has delicate fluffy hairs on the green skin, and dull tissue inside.

Benefits of Tinda

It is an exceptionally mellow and mitigating vegetable for intestinal tract.It is valuable for the stomach issues which for the most part happens in summer like sharpness, diarrhea,by expanding water ingestion and along these lines calming stomach corrosiveness. It is additionally exceptionally compelling in urinary tract diseases.

How To use

The most common everyday method of preparing Tinda is to cook it solo with few spices, either with or without gravy. Its seeds are roasted and eaten as a snack.

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