Spring Onion (हरा प्याज़)

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About Spring Onion

Spring onions are a particularly well known vegetable and they show up in unique mixed bags including white, yellow and red. They besides contain Vitamin An and Vitamin K. It likewise contains Folate & Vitamins C and little measures of B vitamins like riboflavin, Thiamin & Niacin.

Benefits Of Spring Onion

Spring onions help battle viral, parasitic and bacterial diseases and acts like an expectorant. It is utilized to give alleviation amid basic frosty, influenza, sinus blockage and throat torment. They are additionally incredible canapés and are likewise useful in the assimilation process

How To use

They can be diced or cleaved and added to sauces, mix fries, Chinese & Italian formulas, dals, rice arrangements and different dishes. It can likewise be flame broiled and eaten plain in plates of mixed greens, or cooked and served as an embellishment or side vegetable.

Tags1 Kg
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