Snake Gourd (चिचिण्डा)

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About Snake Gourd

Snake Gourd is a light green snake-like vegetable with a dark white blossom on the skin. It contains white round and hollow, decreasing organic products, thin, with a waxy surface. It is low in calories and has high water content (94.6 %) and dietary fibre. Snake Gourd has minerals like phosphorus, calcium, press and is rich in vitamin A, riboflavin, thiamin and niacin.

Benefits of Snake Gourd

Snake gourd goes about as a fantastic mitigating. Aggravation if left overlooked can bring about genuine sicknesses like, diabetes, heart assaults, stroke, disease, mind-set issue, rest issue, joint inflammation and Alzheimer.

How To use

Cooked snake gourd tastes incredible with benefit, dal/sambhar. In spite of the fact that, the most well-known regular technique appear to be cooking these gourd solo with few flavours, either with or without a sauce.

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