Sambhar Onion (सांभर प्याज)

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About Sambhar Onion

Sambhar Onions are little globule molded onions pinkish-purple in shading. Shallots are affectionately called “little onions or Thai red onions” in the midst of Thai individuals. Peel them off, wash and coarsely cleave them for bean stew serving of mixed greens dishes. It can likewise be cut, pan fried and used as an embellishment. Substantial red or cocoa onions can be used as a substitute.

Benefits of Sambhar Onion

Onions are germ-free, anti-microbial, carminative and antimicrobial. It helps build digestive squeezes subsequently serves to have great assimilation. These are successful against distinctive sorts of head and neck tumor.

How To use

Onions are a stand out amongst the most looked for after fixings in cooking where they utilized as a part of curries, mix fries, soups, stuffing, glues, sauces, and so on., regular.


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