Raw Banana (कच्चा केला)

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About Raw Banana

Raw bananas or Plantains fit in with the banana family however have a tendency to be firmer and can’t be eaten Raw. They requirement for cooking and are utilized when under ready or green. They are a staple nourishment in tropical districts of the world and are utilized as a part of shifted routes like singed, steamed and so on.

Benefits Of Raw Banana

It is a decent wellspring of potassium and vitamins like An and C. Potassium helps decrease danger of pulse and is likewise useful for our brains and kidneys. It is high in sugars and accordingly a vitality sponsor. It is likewise high in dietary fiber.

How To use

Sliced raw bananas can be used as a piece of sauté subzis which are served close by chapatis, phulkas et cetera. It can in like manner be arranged with key flavors and completed with coconut

Tags1 Kg
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