Lemon (नींबू)

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About Lemon

Lemon originates from an evergreen tree at first found in Asia and the organic product is habitually greenish or yellow. The full natural product with its mash, the organic product squeeze, the skin and the taste are utilized as a part of nourishment readiness and in addition non-culinary purposes. The juice has 6% citrus extract which makes its flavor acrid. They have vitamin c, calcium, vitamin b5, vitamin b3, vitamin b1 and b2, folate, magnesium, iron.

Benefits Of  Lemon

Lemons are rich in vitamin C and flavonoids that conflict with contaminations like influenza and colds. The citrus extract in lemon juice serves to break down gallstones, calcium stores, and kidney stones. It build peristalsis in the guts, serving to make a solid discharge in this manner taking out waste and assisting with normality

How To use

Lemon is utilized to make lemonade, sodas, and cocktails.

Tags1 Kg
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