Knol Khol (नॉल खोल)

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About Knol Khol

Knolkhol is a European vegetable, very well-liked in Kashmir in India. It is a greenish white colored large and round vegetable, somewhat related to cabbage, although it does not contain leaves covering.

Benefits of Knol Khol

It is rich in the cell reinforcement, so helps battle tumor. It likewise contains sulphoraphanes and different isothiocyanates, which are accepted to fortify the generation of defensive compounds in the body.

How To use

It can be peeled and ground or hacked to get ready Knol Khol Cucumber or plate of mixed greens. On the other hand it can be blended with other serving of mixed greens vegetables to make a Mix Salad. You can get ready Knolkhol Kurma.

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