Fresh Tomato (टमाटर )

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About Tomato

Tomato Hybrid is really healthier than others. It is stuffed with the half a greater amount of the gainful cancer prevention agent lycopene which gives the fruit red shading. Tomato Hybrid is rich in vitamins dampness & minerals and phytonutrients. Tomato Hybrid is a superb supply of vitamins K C & B6 biotin selenium potassium calcium phosphorous niacin iron zinc & beta-carotene and in addition of a few natural acids, for example, malic and citrus extract

Benefits Of Tomato

It serves to forestall or treat diverse sorts of iron deficiency. It may assume a part in the aversion of a few sorts of growth, including lung, prostate and colon tumor. It can be useful in keeping the harm brought on by free radicals to body tissues prompting untimely maturing and numerous unending degenerative infections. It helps in digestive capacity.

How To use

It can be added to the eating regimen in a wide range of ways. Crude tomatoes can be cleaved, cut or flame broiled and added to omelets, plates of mixed greens, sandwiches and fundamental dishes. Pureed or cleaved tomatoes can be utilized as a base for sauce based dishes

Tags1 Kg
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