Drumstick (मुर्गी की टंगर्)

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About Drumstick

Drumstick is an extremely popular vegetable and taste wonderful when included sambhar, a very much enjoyed lentil dish arranged in southern India. These long, thin units can be sensitive for those not used to eating them. The drumstick units are principally rich in vitamin C, are a prevalent supply of dietary fibre, magnesium, iron, manganese, potassium and calcium.

Benefits Of Drumstick

Drumsticks have a high substance of antibacterial properties and are helpful in forestalling contaminations in the throat, midsection, and skin. Drumstick soup helps facilitate any sort of midsection cloggings, hacks and sore throats.

How To use

Cut peeled finger lengths drumsticks are cooked in spicy gravy or sambhar.

Tags1 Kg
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