Cowpea (लोबिया)

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Categories : Beans, Vegetables

About Cowpea

Cowpea beans likewise called as long beans are 12 – 30 inches in length, thin ordinarily light green to dull green hued, contingent upon the blend. While red hued mixed bag might likewise be seen in the business sector on occasion. They are at their finest when thin and youthful. Divine Szechuan long bean can be masterminded by mixing mix browned long cowpea beans with soy sauce, ginger glue, cooked red stew peppers and sugar salt to enhance.

Benefits of Colocasia

Cowpea beans are low in calories and are a rich wellspring of vitamins C and An, and potassium. They contain protein and dietary fiber. Calories = 41. They help condition the spleen, stomach and pancreas. They likewise help instigate “pee” and alleviate conditions like “leucorrhea”.

How To use

These are used in making curries, “sabjis”, and as main course accompaniments.


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