Colocasia (अरवी)

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Categories : Vegetables

About Colocasia

Colocasia likewise called Taro Root is a dull, meaty underground root. It is loaded with various supplements and is given as a staple nourishment. Colocasia is a stuffy globular meaty taproot of aroid crew. It is oval or globular in figure with a bristly covering on its skin and a whitish yellow substance. The outer skin is first take away before utilizing it for any planning.

Benefits of Colocasia

Colocasia has more mind boggling sugars like amylopectin and amylase, that add to moderate processing, and manages blood glucose levels. Customary utilization of colocasia advances great absorption, counteracts obstruction and directs hypertension. It has been observed to be particularly useful in treating diseases of the lung and the oral pit.

How To use

They can be simmered, fricasseed, or bubbled and eaten as a vegetable or consolidated with different veggies.


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