Coccinia (कॉक्सीनिया)

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About Coccinia

Coccinea skin is smooth alongside variegations of white and green. The tissue is just as crunchy and additionally wonderful in consistency having a somewhat biting delayed flavour impression. The tissue contains high water substance and beta-carotene, a noteworthy vitamin An antecedent and also Vitamins B & Vitamin C.

Benefits Of Coccinia

Coccinea has been considered as a helpful herb in customary Thai and additionally Ayurvedic solution. It additionally diminished post-prandial blood glucose (sugar number after a dinner). Every one of these vitamins is fundamental for the body of a human, and aides strengthen the safeguard instruments and help in molding the bones

How To use

It is typically arranged as a dry vegetable, with a couple flavours. In North Indian cooking, tendli is loaded down with flavours and after that singed in oil.

Tags1 Kg
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