Cluster Beans (क्लस्टर सेम)

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About Cluster Beans

Cluster Beans additionally called Guar are a Legume. It fits in with the same family as the French Beans. Vegetables are amongst the best protein supplies in the plant kingdom, and for veggie lovers a standout amongst the most fundamental supply of protein in the every day diet.

Benefits of Cluster Beans

Cluster beans are rich in dissolvable dietary fiber and brings down blood cholesterol levels. The fiber in guar backs off the absorption of a dinner which brings down the glycemic record of the supper. The moderate absorption gives a sentiment being full for a more drawn out span of time, with the goal that we eat less, in this way serving to get thinner. It likewise helps in the smooth working of the digestive framework, and tidies up the digestive tract. They are very rich in sugar and protein, which supplies a lot of vitality.

How To use

Cluster beans are commonly used in vegetable curries and along with lentils, dals.

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