Broad Beans (व्यापक सेम)

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About Broad Beans

Broad Beans have a crunchy feel and sweet flavour. It contains adjusted, green, smooth cases and flavour best when they are still youthful, wide, succulent and delicate. It is a predominant supply of dietary fibre and low in calories.

Benefits of Broad Beans

Beans are known not accommodating in anticipating age related macular infections. It contains the caroteniod zeaxanthin which is assimilated into the retinal macula in the eyes and gives cancer prevention agent and light separating capacities. Being rich in folate it is particularly useful for pregnant ladies as it aides in averting neural tube imperfections in the hatchling.

How To use

Beans can be served naturally as a vegetable. They can be added to soups, plates of mixed greens, rice dishes and curries and used to enhancement vegetable dishes

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