Amaranthus – Red (चौलाई)

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About Amaranthus – Red

Red Amaranthus has brilliant fuchsia-red leaves and a flavor that is reminiscent to a beat. The plant has aggravates that indicated to have numerous medical advantages, which are for the most part present in the oil separated from the seeds. This plants red shading is because of anthocyanins, a color that is discharged in the leaves that aides shield the plant from the sun beams and to help pollinators find the blossom

Benefits of Amaranthus – Red

Amaranth leaves are a decent wellspring of vitamin A, vitamin C, and folate which have properties identified with upgrading the resistance framework, security against disease, counteractive action against oxidation, control serum lipid levels, reduction torment and aggravation.

How To use

It is more ordinarily used to include shading instead of flavor. Numerous societies utilize this green as an expansion to different mix fries.

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